The Sunset Jam

Every Monday at The Viper Room

Every Monday night at The Viper Room, The Sunset Jam allows local artists the chance to showcase their abilities alongside a professional house band, consisting of some of today's top touring musicians.  Guest performers are selected based on musicianship – not big-name affiliations.  So, regardless of where you are in your career, if you have the chops, we have your gig.


"The Sunset Jam is the number 1 spot for upcoming musicians as well as established musicians and industry professionals in LA. The best thing about it is that everyone is welcome and that's ultimately what music is about-bringing people together. I highly recommend hitting this jam whether you're a musician looking to do some great networking and meet new people, or an established musician or MD looking to hire. 

Since joining the house band I've had the opportunity to meet awesome LA musicians and have got several work opportunities, as well as a ton of exposure. Thanks to Erik and all the hard work he puts in every week for opening up these fantastic opportunities that otherwise wouldn't be so available."
Danielle McGinley (Keyboards) credits include Charlie XCX, Rachel Platten

“The Sunset Jam is a great place to network and meet talented musicians. After jamming a couple times and getting to know the people there I started getting referrals for a bunch of gigs. It's definitely a hot spot for the music business so I'd encourage musicians and artists to go check it out!”
- Michael Mackley (Bass)

“After networking with many incredible musicians and amazing people at these jams, I started to become a reference for musicians needing a drummer. I got referred to a singer-songwriter as well as a high profile producer that I currently work with. The Sunset Jam is a fantastic opportunity that every musician looking for work in LA should take advantage of.”
- Scott Gettlin (Drums)

"I've been a working musician in Los Angeles for 5 years now. Since then I haven't experienced anything quite like the Sunset Jam. Because of this event created by Erik it has gave myself and many others the chance to perform live every week with professionals, create new work, and new friendships. The music community has become much stronger since the development of The Sunset Jam!"
- Michael O' Grady (Guitar)

“Because of the Sunset Jam, Mondays have become the highlight of my week.  I've had the opportunity to expand my repertoire, gain experience in genres out of my normal wheelhouse, and have been given some great work opportunities, working with some of the people I jam with on Monday nights. If you are looking for a friendly environment to work on your chops, gain experience, potentially gain work, and meet some wonderful people, The Sunset Jam is for you.”
- Jayme Palmer (Vocalist)

"I'm so grateful to Erik Himel for starting up the Sunset Jam. Besides being the single best venue in LA for the best up and coming musicians to network with other professional-caliber players, the Sunset Jam has become a community of genuine friends and colleagues that I'm certain will endure the rest of our careers. We even call ourselves the "Jamily"! Since I started playing the SJ a couple of months ago, I've picked up well over a dozen new sessions and gigs, including Ultimate Jam Night at the Whisky-A-Gogo and a downtown show that attracted over 2500 attendees and was featured in LA Weekly, so I will plan on keeping my Monday nights free whenever possible to keep playing at the SJ! #longlivetheSunsetJam"
- Koi Anunta (Electric Violinist)

"The Sunset Jam was the first thing to grab my attention after my cross-country move.  After the first jam night, I knew I would be showing up every week.  Even before I found myself on stage I made incredible connections, and it’s been opening doors for me since my first night.  The networking alone is priceless and worth the visit, but what will keep you coming back is the family vibe and the experience of meeting your jammates on-stage 30 seconds before you perform.  Erik has spearheaded such an influential night of music and community, and any hungry musician would be crazy not to take advantage of it."
- Ryan Hillsinger (Drums)

"I've always been a fan of jamming with all types of musicians. I really feel it helps you learn how to listen and grow no matter what level you may be at. It also gives you a sense of what it means to be part of a scene in which you get support from each other, a network. That's what The Sunset Jam at the Viper Room really is. Great songs, great venue, great people!"
John Tirado (Independent Artist)

"It may not be a big thing, I got a great opportunity to sub for one of the regular bassists at The Sunset Jam. When he was over-booked, Sammy Burke graciously gave me the chance to fill in for him for one night. Not only was I able to make the gig a success, I had fun and earned more than twice what I normally would for that type of date. I owe a debt of gratitude to Erik Himel for creating an open and welcoming environment that let me meet so many terrific musicians. Erik, I'll play anything you throw at me!"
- Chris Evans (Bass)